My Story

You Have a Story!

Everyone has a story . . . ready to tell yours?
Paul tells us that we should be “mutually encouraged by each other's faith.” (Rom. 1:12) 

Why Should I Share My Story?

  • We all need examples of God at work.
  • Reminds us that God worked in our lives.
  • Allows others to be open to God at work in their lives.
  • Helps others see how God is relevant in our lives today.

What Story Do I Share?

How you became a Christian (salvation story)

  • Gives hope to non-Christians 
  • Encourages Christians
  • Reminds you of God’s goodness 
  • Gives the “big picture” of your life 

What God has been teaching you (growth story)

  • Shows non-Christians that God is real and personal 
  • Motivates Christians
  • Holds you accountable 
  • Shows a realistic side to the Christian faith

My Story
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This helps us know who to reach out to if we would like to share your story with a larger audience, find out more information, or simply encourage you in your walk with Jesus!

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My Story

Some helpful things to think through and maybe include in your story:

  • Who was involved?
  • When and where did this story happen?
  • What prompted this event in your life?
  • What change or result came from God working in or through you?
  • What's a next step you can (or did) take?

Feel free to write in short sentences or story form!

If you have a photo you would like to include with your story, upload it here.