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Followers Made is an "Influence Level" and life-changing six-month cohort that significantly catalyzes the development of Jesus-like character and personal calling. Grounded in daily spiritual practices, the experience leads people to create long-lasting, life-changing habits. Followers Made cohorts are led by men and women who have completed Followers Made themselves and been certified by their leader.

The numbers you see in the image below, 10 & 64, are scores from the MyImpact Equation you take in Followers Made, which helps you measure your growth in Character & Calling. The results of this assessment will help you determine a next step for growth. Participants regularly report a 60% increase in Character and a 300% increase in Calling, resulting in a 540% increase in spiritual impact!

Character and Calling Scores


Six months of weekly small group huddles and daily online activity.

Goal 1:

Develop the fruit of the Spirit by building healthy spiritual habits.

Goal 2:

Create a hunger for, and take initial steps toward, discovering and pursuing personal calling.

In this self paced mini-course on the Fully Alive App, you'll learn more about Followers Made, if it's right for you, and how to request being a part of a group. Click the button below to get started.

Prepare to Join a Followers Made Cohort

*The next Followers Made cohorts led by Gloria Dei members will be starting in Fall 2024.

Questions? Email Jason Phelps, Discipling Director at