Wholly Human | Fully Connected

There is a huge stigma in our world surrounding mental and emotional issues. There is shame and fear that as Christians we should “have it all together” and not experience any emotional issues. At least not any major issues. We don’t know how to talk about these challenges. And, when we are ready for help, we don’t know the first step to take. What makes all of this even more challenging is the perception that self-care is selfish.  

Our mental and emotional wellbeing work best when we care for our mind, body, and spirit in relationship to God, self and others. In this series, we will rediscover what it truly means to be wholly human by embracing our unique journey through emotional challenges. Additionally, we will be inspired through God’s Word to create a community so connected to one another that we can truly live a life that is fully alive in God’s grace. 

Summer of Love

Showing love is incredibly rewarding, but not always easy. It requires strength, character, and steadfast commitment. Love is demonstrated, lived, and shown perfectly in Jesus.  Jesus told His followers that the greatest thing they could do on this earth was to love God and love people.  Therefore, love is the most significant thing that we as Christians can offer the world.  But how do we define that?  What is love?  Is it a verb?  Is is a noun?  According to 1st Corinthians 13, love is more than a feeling, it is something that we do - a lifestyle.