Gloria Dei believes in intentional discipleship. That intentional discipleship is focused on you, and how we can encourage and equip you in your walk of faith, no matter your starting point, age, previous church experience, or choice of favorite coffee shop in town. For us, it is about how Jesus is growing and transforming you in and through the journey of life, by His Spirit.

Adult Bible Classes

You're invited to take this opportunity to dig deeper into scripture and grow as a disciple, devoted and obedient to God's Word. 

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Resources for Discipleship & Mission

Fully Alive Community

Join "Fully Alive" Gloria Dei Group
At Your Own Pace or With a Group

In order to help you take a next step in your discipleship journey, we want to give you access to exploring more about living the fully alive life in a community where others are doing the same. There are several experiences for you to join in this group and even lead with a few friends! "Fully Alive" provides online courses (we call them Experiences) that help you live more Fully Alive through Jesus. Our experiences are meaningful whether you are newly spiritually curious or a seasoned follower of Jesus. Click the link below to join. Once joined, click the DISCOVERY link on the left sidebar and complete the WELCOME CHECKLIST. Download the Fully Alive App on: Apple App Store | Google Play 

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Fully Alive E-Book

Read "Fully Alive" E-book
On Your Own

Fully Alive looks to the over-arching story of the Christian Bible to understand and answer two of life's most haunting questions. The first question is, "Am I truly love-able?" The second, "Will my life matter?"

Where do these questions stem from? Why do these questions influence our emotions and behaviors so significantly? Is it wrong to have these yearnings, or are these yearnings an invitation to reconsider what it means to pursue Jesus?

In John 10:10, Jesus says He came so that we might have life and have it to the full. Fully Alive has been written to help you understand what it means to live Fully Alive, why it is so difficult to attain the sense of living Fully Alive, and how to take steps toward that life..

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Start BLESSing People & Discover Your Mission!
Personal or Group Training Resource

As a follower of Jesus, you must know his overall mission before you can discover your part in the mission. We want to introduce you to the five missional practices of Jesus. We are called to model our lives after his: do what he did, and practice what he practiced. Here is a secret we have discovered: these five missional practices (BLESS Rhythms) are both how you do the mission, but also how you discover your own God-given mission for your life. Decide right now that as you learn these five missional practices you will implement them into your life for two reasons: first so that you can follow Jesus’s example in missional living, but secondly so that you can discover the mission for your own life! You will see these BLESS Rhythms woven throughout life at Gloria Dei, both on and off campus.

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Discovery Bible Study
Start Your Own or Join One!

The Discovery Process is the primary method of discipleship in movements around the world. Discovery Bible Studies are simple and reproducible groups that consist of spiritually interested people who read a Bible story together, discover what it says, and then are challenged to immediately live out what they learned and to share it with someone else. The beauty of DBS is that anyone can lead it! If you lead one, you are simply a faithful facilitator providing a structure people to hear the voice of Jesus and respond in obedience. We ask "What is Jesus teaching me? and What will I do about it?"

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Sunday Discipleship Hour

In order to equip and train you to grow and live out your faith as a disciple, we have dedicated time on Sunday mornings for engaging with God’s Word in community with age-appropriate ministry environments for kids, students and adults between services from 9:45-10:45am. Sunday morning Discipleship Hour is meant to be a primer catapulting us back into our daily lives as every-day missionaries where we live, work, learn, and play.

Kids & Students Adults

Small Groups
Throughout the Week

Discipleship happens within the context of community and living life together. There is a depth of learning that can only happen when we have people to imitate. The early Church had a rhythm of life together between the temple (Sunday mornings) and the home as they ate together, cared for one another, and met the needs of their community. Small Groups are our primary context for living life together on mission.

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