Kids & Students Discipleship Hour - Kids Jr Only

Kids Jr

Our Kids & Student ministry areas encourage families to seek Christ first in all things and equips parents to be the primary faith formers for their children. We offer a variety of ministries for all ages, children through high school. Click on any of the specific ministry areas to learn more. For a deeper dive on our Kids & Student Ministries, click here.

Kids Jr (Infant-Pre-K)

We believe that God works faith in all stages of life. Our ministry to babies (birth through age 2) is focused on helping these little ones with very basic Biblical truths in a safe and secure environment. Our preschoolers (age 3 through Pre-K) begin to experience more structure during their time at church. The kids enjoy learning through stories, games, and other fun activities in their classes. Kids Jr operates every Sunday morning 8:30am-12pm in our Kids Jr room, located in the hallway to the left of the Welcome Center. 

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