Be Like Jesus

Take the 40-Day Being Challenge designed to help you grow in your relationship with God and be like Jesus.

A congregation-wide journey in both the gathered and scattered expressions of Church. The Being Challenge will be expressed in our Sunday sermon series and best experienced via Small Groups.


A strong relationship with God solves everything

The most important target to hit as a disciple of Jesus is BEING in a relationship with Him. We know what it’s like to have the desire to grow in our relationship with God and yet feel stagnant. The Being Challenge leads readers to a stronger relationship with God through simple challenges that focus on the 5 keystone habits of Jesus: community, scripture, prayer, solitude and church.


Join/Start a Small Group

The Being Challenge guides you through 40 days of practical, simple-to-understand, challenges to help you learn, develop, and grow in the 5 keystone habits of Jesus. Gloria Dei is encouraging everyone to commit to a Small Group for the six weeks of Lent with the option of continuing. Journeying through The Being Challenge will be transformational in community via Small Groups where we can hear the Lord's voice together as we receive encouragement and accountability. As we step into this 40-day challenge, our time together will be marked by a few key questions: What is the Lord saying to you? What are you going to do about it? and How can we help you? 

*If you are feeling called to start a Small Group, Jason & Stephanie will be leading a training for leaders on Sunday, January 30.

Click Here for info on Small Groups

Buy the Book

*Available for Pick-Up Sunday, Feb. 6th*

In order to accelerate our spiritual growth, The Being Challenge book is a must! Because we believe this is worth it, Gloria Dei is covering part of the cost of the book to remove cost as a barrier of participation! You may go through this book as an individual, a family, or best, in your Small Group! Going through The Being Challenge  in community will provide an opportunity to grow collectively together and receive both encouragement and accountability throughout Lent.

Buy the Book Here for $10

Live with Renewed Purpose & Intention

After the challenge is completed, you will have developed the five keystone habits of Jesus that will lead your community to become healthy and fruitful disciples who are learning to hear the Lord’s voice and respond in obedience to what God is doing where you live, work, learn, and play.