Adult Bible Studies

New Adult Bible Studies

June to August Opportunities


Saturday (Beginning June 3rd)

Ruth: Loss, legacy and love (Women's Study)  |  9:00 am  |  Off Campus Location

Led by Victoria Weaver

This women's Bible study of Ruth's journey of unbearable loss, redeeming love, and divine legacy delves into the virtuous character of Ruth, her unique relationship with her mother-in-law, Naomi, and her blossoming love with Boaz.  If you've ever felt devastated, struggled as a stranger, longed to be loved, or wept along the way, you'll find a loyal sister in Ruth.

Contact Victoria at for information.


Sunday (Beginning June 4th)

GEPC (Galatians, Ephesians, Phillippians, Colossians) - Why Paul wrote these short letters.  |  8:00 & 9:30 am  |  Life Center Room 214/216

Led by Kurt Rosenhagen

Each week we will focus on one letter to learn its context, content, key points, etc.

Job - Why do bad things happen to good people?  |  8:00 & 9:30 am  |  Life Center Room 214/216 (Beginning in July)

Led by Kurt Rosenhagen

The store of Job is a timeless tale that shows us we are not alone in our questioning of why bad things seem to happen to "good" people.  Although we may try to come up with any number of answers, the book of Job reminds us that God is always in control, and ultimately He alone has the answers we need.


Authentic Manhood: A Man and His Design (Men's Study)  |  11:00am  |  Life Center Room 210

Led by Jason Krog

There are so many voices in our society trying to define what it means to be a man.  But, what does God's Word say about being a man?  How has He wired us and designed us?  What purpose do we serve in our homes, marriages or community?  Come join our group as we dive into Authentic Manhood as God has redeemed and called us to live, as men!


God is in the Laundry Room (Women's Study)  |  11:00am  |  Life Center Room 211

Led by Victoria Weaver 

As we celebrate the victory and joy of Easter, it seems we just can’t help but to spread that and share the good news with others!  But, sometimes, our hesitations turn into doubts, or we’re worried we are going to say the wrong thing. This 6-week study will take a look at how you can share the good news of Jesus Christ with those around you in a way that encourages them to learn more and to listen to His good news.


Sunday - Ongoing Adult Bible Studies

Proverbs  |  8:00 am  |  Life Center Room 210

Led by Gary Himmler

Every year thousands of books are published with the title, How to ----. By reading these books, you are promised to learn how to paint better, get the best job, make the most money, apply for federal grants, go through an “easy” divorce and so much more. All these books are trying to offer us wisdom. Wisdom brings about success and prosperity throughout our lives. But, the question is raised, from where do we get our wisdom? Join us as we walk through the book of Proverbs, the wisdom book of the Scriptures, and seek to understand the wisdom that God provides through His Word to us.


Genesis  |  11:00 am  |  Life Center Room 216

Led by Keith Chuvala

The Bible opens with a bang (some would say a big bang!) Genesis tells about the beginning of the universe, the creation -- and fall -- of mankind, God's plan of salvation, and much history about God's chosen people, Israel. Come join us as we walk through this amazing book together. This is an interactive Bible study; bring your Bible, your questions and comments, and your curiosity as we discover together what God reveals to us in the first book of the Bible.


Men in Ministry - Tuesday Morning

Questions about Tuesday Morning Men’s Bible study: contact Ron Petri at 281-482-8970


Gospel of Matthew  |  6:45-8:00 am  |  Life Center Room 216

Led by Ron Petri
The Gospel of Matthew is written for a specific audience shortly after Jesus ascended into heaven. Through this study, you will gain an in-depth appreciation for this specific Gospel and a former tax-collector shared the good news of salvation in Jesus Christ in the context of the Jewish worldview.


Roustabouts  |  8:15 am  |  Life Center Room 214/216
Some of our "more seasoned" guys meet as the 'Roustabouts' on Tuesday mornings at 8:15 am for coffee, donuts and kolaches, and periodic opportunities to serve. 


Holy Smokers
Do you like Bar-B-Q? Do you like working with other men to serve up some great food for the community? Then this group is for you. Contact Bill Whatley at 281-488-6883


Women in Ministry - Wednesday Mornings

Questions about Wednesday morning Women in Ministry Bible studies:
contact Kay Wesson at 713-851-6282 or


Beginning June 14th

How you can be led by the Spirit of God  |  9:15 am  |  Life Center Room 210

Led by Mary Fricke

How You Can Be Led by the Spirit of God has helped many in the Body of Christ turn loose the Spirit in their lives.  Rev. Hagin gives step-by-step guidance through the Scriptures to steer you away from spiritual pitfalls and help you to follow the Spirit of God in every area of your life.  After discussing the nature of the human spirit, you'll learn the different ways that God leads His children and how to be guided through these ways. 

Wednesday Evening Women’s Bible Study


Ten Women of the Bible  |  6:30pm  |  Life Center room 217

Led by Dixie Russo

Throughout the Scriptures there are powerful stories of how God used the men of His people to bring about His salvation and mighty works. But, all too often, we also overlook the amazing women God used throughout the history of His salvation. Through this Bible study, grow in your understanding of how God used Ten Women to carry out His desire and purpose.


Friendship Club for Anyone 50+

Meets 2nd Friday every month at 9:15am in KidzSpace, for Bible Study and informational speakers.  Fellowship is continued afterwards with lunch at local restaurants.  Special occasions are catered or "pot luck" in Life Center. Precinct #2 bus trips take us on interesting tours 6 times per year. This is a perfect opportunity to join in the fun with us who are "young at heart." For more information, contact Harvey Seyfang at 832-671-9191 or  .


Financial Peace University

Financial Peace University is designed to help you manage your money better, eliminate debt and build wealth. The course lasts 9 weeks, is Biblically based, and taught (via video) by author and radio host Dave Ramsey.


For information, contact Johnna Little at 281-798-9228.