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During April and May, our congregation participated in #EatPrayBe as part of Family on Mission at Gloria Dei. Over a five week period, families were encouraged to:

  • Eat together three times a week
  • Pray together before each meal
  • And be together while eating

It all culminated in a congregational celebration on May 17th. The results were phenomenal! Couples with and without children, single parents, multiple generations under one roof, work families, college and school families, and small groups joined us, with participation spanning across continents to include Gloria Dei family and friends traveling together in Europe! 

Studies show that regularly sharing a meal is good for the spirit, the brain, and the overall health of all participants. And for young families, it is one of the simplest ways to strengthen faith and values, resulting in better performance in school and the avoidance of risky behaviors associated with peer pressure. 

You can download more information and resources to plan your own EatPrayBe initiative.

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