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Serve Others

At Gloria Dei, we like to help and serve others.  Not for what we get out of it, but as a response to what Jesus has done for us. 

Many of these opportunities are beyond the walls of Gloria Dei.  Our efforts include a variety of service opportunities locally, nationally, and internationally.

Contact to get started.

Local Opportunities

A variety of opportunities are available throughout the year to help others here in our own community.  Short term projects are often scheduled for Saturdays while longer term projects are available at a variety of times.  Depending on who you have a heart to serve, there's probably a project waiting for you.

Each project offers an opportunity for you to serve others, experience their culture, spend time with friends, and broaden your faith.

Working in the 3rd Ward of Houston - Generation One is a mission Gloria Dei supports with both volunteers and budget dollars.  In the past year Generation One has boldly opened a day school for impoverished children.  Meeting in two churches that have opened their classrooms to neighborhood children, qualified, and dedicated teachers instruct in math, science, reading and other fundamental skills, but they also share the gospel.  These chidlren lack the family environment that we take for granted.  They learn street life early and Generation One wants to catch these children before they turn to a life of crime, drugs and abuse. The rewards are not just about changing one child's life; it impacts the entire community every time a child succeeds and breaks the cycle of poverty and poor education. Volunteers from the collar communities, like Gloria Dei are welcome to come there and work with the children and assist the teachers.  The environment is tough but the kids are learning in a healthy, Christian environment.  That is something rarely experienced in this inner-city community.  There is a great story about how lives are being changed: http://www.undignified622.blogspot.com/2012/10/holy-hands.html.


National and International Mission Trips

Typically about a week long, these trips are scheduled throughout the year. Each trip is made up of team of six to 10 people and a team leader. Past destinations have included Arizona, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi and other areas of Texas. Internaltional destinations have included Mexico, Panama, and Guatemala.  Special trips for students are often planned during spring break and summer vacation.

Each trip offers an opportunity for you to serve others, experience their culture, spend time with friends and broaden your faith.

Future Mission Opportunities

Guatemala - Central American Lutheran Mission Society (CALMS) has built 109 homes in a number of communities in or near the cities of Gualan and Zacapa, Guatemala.  These homes are simple affairs, about 16 feet square.  Most are half walls of concrete block and half pine siding. A family is selected by a local congregation that is the poorest of the poor.  Usually it is a widow or family that has lost the breadwinner in the family.  They live in ramshackle housing and desperately need a home.

Gloria Dei has sent fifteen teams to Guatemala to help build about 22 homes and repair a number of others.  The trips are a week long and each person is asked to pay his or her own expenses, usually about $1600.  Generally, the prices of the home have been paid from other contributions. Men and women volunteers are invited to join in working with indigenous workers to build the homes. Airfares can change, but it usually equals half the cost of the trip per volunteer, so those who have frequent flyer miles on Untied or American Airlines can save a considerable amount of the expense of travel.  We also welcome gifts from frequent fliers to help pay for others to travel for less. We stay in clean, efficient and safe hotels and the price includes most meals and all lodging. We interact with the local church and the families, as well as children in the neighborhood.  The workdays are laborious but the benefits we experience in giving are outweighed by the gratitude and blessings we receive in return. 

Trips are being planned for August and November in 2014 as well as April, June and September in 2015.   If you are interested in more information or to sign up please contact Bruce Collet at 281-333-4535 or

Belize -  This is a new initiative that will combine some partnerships with churches and a school in the Ladyville area, a suburb of Belize City. Five local congregations will be selecting worthy recipients for homes.  The requirements for homes are more stringent than in Guatemala due to hurricane threats, so each home must be constructed of concrete block. CALMS and Gloria Dei are partnering with a Chritian Technical Institute that is helping at-risk young men learn the construction trade.  These are boys who have no male role models in their lives and have been in trouble in the local school system with either poor grades or behavioral issues.  The Institute is making great strides to help these young men get their lives on track with strong Christian teachers and a disciplined environment. 

If you are interested in more information or to sign up please contact Bruce Collet at 281-333-4535 or .