Fill the Semi

Join us for a shift on Friday, April 21-Sunday April 23, for our community-wide serving event! We are teaming up with an organization called Rise Against hunger, to fill a container of food. Our goal is to pack 257,000 meals, so we need all hand on deck to make this goal a reality for the many families who don't have food to eat. Learn more below...



Why does this serving event last a whole weekend?
Gloria Dei is a community who values loving others by serving them, as stated in our church's Life Measures. The full weekend gives us the opportunity to gather as many family units, community members, churches and companies as possible, to participate in a single serving event. We hope that this event will inspire multi-generational connections within our community and Gloria Dei. 

What will we be doing if we sign up?

We are packaging meals to support Rise Against Hunger, an organization with the mission to end hunger in our lifetime by providing food and life-changing aid to the world’s most vulnerable. By signing up for a 2-hour shift, you and you team will be trained on how to package the food and package as many meals as possible in that time slot. The food that you package will end up feeding hundreds of starving people. You'll be making a huge impact!

Why do we do these kinds of events?

As a community, we can make a BIG difference when we work together! We also believe that the body of Christ can do big things. You don't have to be a member of Gloria Dei to serve with us. We welcome everyone to join in the effort and serve together. We hope and pray that as we make connections through this event, we are strengthened and build new relationships and partnerships, as God works through to make Kingdom impact.

Who do I serve with?

That's a great question! The sky is the limit. You can serve by yourself, with your family, your small group, a neighbor, co-worker, etc. 

Do I need to register?

Yes. When you register, you can select the time of day you wish to serve, and we will assign you (or your group) with a group leader. Registration also ensures that the shift you desire is available. Walk-ins to the event are not guaranteed a place to serve, if the shifts are already full, so make sure you register!

How do I register?

Register by clicking HERE. You will be redirected to Rise Against Hunger's sign up page.

I read on the registration page that this event was only for ages 4+. Will there be child care for ages 3 and under?

Although the registrtaion page says 4+ only, we welcome ALL AGES. We wish for families to serve together, so there is no child care.

Do I have to donate money to serve?

No. Donations are welcomed, but not required. If you would like to help with the cost of this event, there is a place on the registration page to do so.

How many people can serve during each shift?

Each shift is set up to include 200 people serving together.

Will someone tell me what I am supposed to do?

Absolutely! A Rise Against Hunger representative will train your group at the start of your shift. You will be given gloves, a hair net and all of the supplies needed to pack your meals. You don't need to bring anything else, but a willingness to serve!

Email Stephanie Knea if you have any other questions.