Faith Pathway


At Gloria Dei Lutheran Church our desire is to equip parents with tools and resources to be successful in the faith formation of their child(ren). The Bible teaches that parents are to be the primary spiritual leaders for their children. Therefore, God has designed the family and home for faith formation to take place. 


The Faith Pathway is designed to serve as a framework for a partnership between the church and home. The twelve faith markers are guides for parents and ministry leaders as they partner together to prepare our children and students (ages 0-18) for a living and active faith into college and beyond.  The Faith Pathway is an opportunity to equip parents to share their faith within and beyond their family.


As each child or student approaches a faith marker, he or she, along with the parents will receive instruction and participate in meaningful spiritual experiences that strengthen their faith. The Faith Pathway recommends focusing on specific markers at certain ages, however, they are not restrictive. Regardless of your child’s age or stage of development, the faith pathway has been designed for flexibility with the overall goal of faith formation with family and home.


New Pathway Experiences Coming Up...

Baptism| Recommended Focus: Birth+ | Click HERE for details!
Blessing | Recommended Focus: Ages 1+ 
Devotion | Recommended Focus: Ages 3+
Service | Recommended Focus: Grade 1+
Navigate the Bible | Recommended Focus: Grade 2+
God’s Design for Me | Recommended Focus: Grade 4+
First Communion | Recommended Focus: Grade 6
Relationships and Sex | Recommended Focus: Grade 6+
Confirmation | Recommended Focus: Grades 7-8 | Click here to register for the 2018/2019 school year!
Sharing Your Faith | Recommended Focus: Grade 9+
Financial Stewardship | Recommended Focus: Grade 10+
Sending Our Graduates | Recommended Focus: Grade 12