Pastoral Staff and Support

Pastor Dan Schepmann

Senior Pastoroffice: 281.333.4535 x1034

Pastor Brian Weaver

Discipleship Pastoroffice: 281.333.4535 x1054

Pastor Al Scholz

Care Pastoroffice: 281.333.4535 x1037

Pastor Rob Bailey

Associate Pastor, League Cityoffice: 2813334535mobile: 2813334535

showard@gdlc.org Gremillion

Executive Assistantoffice: 281.333.4535 x1063

Becky Herrscher

Administrative Assistantoffice: 281.333.4535 x1070

Worship & Communications

Sheree Howard

Director of Worship and Communicationsoffice: 281.333.4535 x1043

John Maxwell

Director of Creative Artsoffice: 281.333.4535 x1053

Pam Leach

Communications Coordinatoroffice: 281.333.4535 x1074

Jerred Cass

Worship Coordinatoroffice: 281.333.4535 x1060

Family Ministries

Ross Owens

Director of Student Ministries office: 281.333.4535 x1050

Kat Sievert

Director of Children's Ministriesoffice: 281-333-4535 x1048

Andee Hasty

Administrative Assistantoffice: 281.333.4535 x1055

Serving and Missions

Stephanie Knea

Director of Serving Beyondoffice: 281.333.4535 x1049

Care and Health Ministries

Shirley Arbet

Director of Care and Health Ministriesoffice: 281.333.4535 x1041

Business and Operations

Beth Koerber

Chief of Staff and Operationsoffice: 281.333.4535 x1035

Crystal Oliver

Director of Finance and Human Resourcesoffice: 281.333.4535 x1040

Elizabeth Fuller

Production Coordinatoroffice: 281.333.4535 x1045

Patricia Hoesl

Financial Assistantoffice: 281.333.4535 x1044

Sofia Crittenden

Administrative Assistantoffice: 281.333.4535 x1038

Hugo Fonseca

Facility Coordinatoroffice: 333.4535 x1058

Day One Christian Academy

Kathie Walker

Director of Day One Christian Academyoffice: 281-333-3323

Kelly Money

Associate Director of Tuition and Administrationoffice: 281-333-3323 x1203